Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another surgery

February 26, 2010
I went in to what I thought was going to be my 14th brain surgery, first they were going to go into my stomach and check my "shunt" that wasn't there (I didn't think lol) to see if it was working then if it was working correctly they would investigate my head which means cut open and do surgery there. Well to my pleasant surprise there was a shunt that was in my abdominal cavity but wasn't working correctly so my doctor cleaned it up and replaced it, like just moved it into another area. I woke up from my surgery feeling a little foggy...obviously because of anesthesia but after being awake for awhile and hearing what had taken place I was more than content, I was happy....surprisingly. Because I was completely sure that either way no matter what the outcome I was not going to be happy..I know I know GREAT attitude NOT but in my favor I have been through a lot of these and I think to say that they haven't been successful is an understatement. Well the worst of it I think is that they stretched out my Ugula (sp?) it's that hangy thing in the back of your throat that if you hit it with your toothbrush it gags you anyway and if it's stretched out it gives you one heck of a sore throat not to mention every now and then it gags me LOL. Well so I had that surgery on Friday and I was released to come home on Saturday geez same day surgery HAH but I have to say I was and still am pleased to be home. I missed my babes SOOO much while I was gone, isn't it ironic how one minute you want to run away forever and when you get the time away you miss them and think about them non-stop?? Crazy... So now I'm home and Steve is leaving tomorrow morning to go to SLC to work on Mon, Tue & Wed which for a minute I was TOTALLY stressed out was I going to take care of the kids all on my own after having such an evasive although not as evasive as it could have been surgery. But I made some calls and asked some favors and was pleased that my very sweet babysitter Katie is willing to come stay here with me and the kids and help me out. I am SO thankful for her! Which I'm thinking we might even have some fun being silly girls I do miss being 16 quite often lol. So while Steve and I were up in Provo my mom and dad took the kids for me and got them to and from school although they live in Kanarraville and honestly I think Three Peaks Elementary is the furthest school in Iron County from where they live; they didn't complain when I started to ask questions my mom stopped me dead in my tracks and told me she will take care of it and that was that and as far as I know it all went "perfectly" does that word even reside in the same sentence with and 8 year old girl, a very busy 6 year old boy and a schedule all changed up??? LOL But I want to shout out a HUGE thank you to both of them for helping us out and making me feel as comfortable as could of been! Also my sweet Visiting teacher Janine came to my house and did loads and loads of laundry; washed, dried, folded and even put some away along with picking up here and there and even making my bed....WOW that doesn't happen very often for those of you that know me you KNOW my bed doesn't get made unless it's just had clean sheets on it in the daytime in which I usually change them RIGHT before bed so that cancels out the making of the bed then too, yes it!!!! So here I am typing away with some not just good news but GREAT news, no headache SERIOUSLY and just relaxing and listening to my 2 little angels that I missed SOOOO much! Now don't get me wrong my stomach hurts pretty darn bad you know cutting through all of those muscles LMAO what muscle' MY stomach??????? HAH! Now to just get through these couple of days without Steve here and on the road to recooperation then we have a Baptism to plan, pictures to be taken on a pretty day **fingers crossed** and a possible move coming up hmm it all seems very comfortable, not scary nor dramatic and I am SO excited!!!!! I'm sorry if I left out anything important, isn't it hard when you sit down to do this it seems everything just floods your mind and you can't type fast enough.....Til' next time..........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bayti's 8th birthday

Okay so both of my children celebrated their birthdays WAY too many times Bayti's was the same as Kye's...3 times!!! Because this year Bayti's b-day landed on a Thursday and I let my kids have "friend birthdays" every other year we just celebrated her b-day with family with some cake, ice cream and a few presents. Then on Saturday she had her "friend party" which was themed American Idol. This party was SOOO much fun for me just watching the kids sing their little hearts out and those that chose not to were our judges and yes we had our winner at the end of the party that was given an award. The party was kinda a Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus/American Idol mix lol but it turned out fun and was super cute and I was told later that that was "the best party ever" which I was pleased to hear because I for some silly unneccassary reason worry that it has to all be a bunch of kids ranging from 4 to 10 years of age are going to say uhh this party is totally not planned well or decorated right. Bay got SOOO many fun presents at that party and lots of fun crafty stuff...yep she is my craft queen or should I say princess. Then we had our family party and my g-ma's with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I was SOOO happy to see all of the DARLING clothes she got!!! Great for me and luckily for her she likes clothes..yeah I know I am in trouble.... Now after all of that we have a Baptism to plan and get ready for and hopefully that turns out as big and important that I want it to be...I personally do not think you can be too "showy" for a baptism, the sky's the limit and anything in between and at your availability is PERFECT so wish us luck and hope to see you there! OH and BTW you were supposed to come dressed as a rock star or musician... Bayti was "Taylor Swift"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kye's 6th Birthday

This year Kye got to celebrate his birthday 4 times; 1 time in Kindergarten, 1 time on the night of his b-day (on a Thursday), 1 time with his two favorite cousins and his sister at Fun Inflatables and then again at my grandma's house with all of his cousins, aunts, uncles, g-ma's etc...
I think he would agree when I say this was his best birthday ever! He got a BB gun that he has been wanting for SOOO long..which I wasn't too excited about but lets just say I finally lost the argument with Steve lol. He got SOOO many presents from tractors to guns and cars and candy and cookies and SO much more. I can't believe he is 6 years old already! When my mom said kids grow up too fast I just thought "okay mom whatever" and she is SO right. But isn't that the way it goes, mom doesn't know anything until we grow up and have kids ourselves lol that's right mom I am saying you were and always RIGHT.....ugh that about killed me just kidding. I think so highly of my mom and the way she raised my sister and I, I honestly don't think she could've done a better job NOW I'm not saying that we are perfect by any means just that my mom did a fabulous job! So I am going to try to post some pictures of Kye's birthday...s let's see how they turn out!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over and now.....

Okay so now that Christmas is over and we're through with the usual Christmas parties, the rushing, the worrying and the dreaded Christmas being "good enough" all over and now I look back just like EVERY other year and think WHY....why do I do that, why don't I just enjoy the season?? It ALWAYS turns out great no matter the dollar amount spent it is the "spirit" that counts. I am very grateful to have a very close family that traditionally EVERY year gathers first at my parents with my sister (her fam) my fam and my parents, the kids see what "Santa" brought them at Grandma and Grandpa's and then we all unwrap the gifts exchanged from each other then off to "Grandma-ma's" house which is my grandmother. Some might see the Christmas tradition as chaos or perhaps insanity but we all willingly gather there together year after year. And to give you more insight as to how packed the house is...lets just say you can't turn around without hitting, elbowing, or smacking someone...obviously all with total and complete love.
I did not realize until I was married that ALL families are not as close as mine, my husband makes comment on how my family "celebrates EVERY birthday and EVERY holiday together" and he seems to think of it as weird...hmmm and I thought we were the "normal" ones hahaha Regardless it is what it is and I LOVE it!

So now with the Christmas holiday over we now have New Years Eve to look forward to and I'm thinking it would be fun to have some sort of party...the way I party lol then we have b-day's to celebrate. 1st on the list is my grandpa's on Jan. 5 some people might think it's weird to celebrate for someone that has passed on but my family thinks it's only right to remember and celebrate the "holiday" then we have Kye's which is on Jan. 7th so far it looks like we as a family will be celebrating grandpa & Kye's birthday on the Friday or Saturday to follow both b-day's which I believe is the 8th and 9th. We will all gather at my grandma's house and have cake, ice cream, and laughter....seems like the best out there doesn't it??? So Kye will be turning six this seems like yesterday that he was a baby :-( and now he is going to be 6! Then on Jan. 28th Bayti will be turning 8 and with us being LDS she will be getting baptized which she is super excited for. SO we still have many holidays coming up soon and many events to keep us busy.
With Bayti in dance and Kye taking Karate we keep pretty busy these days which I for one am grateful for, before they were in their activities I didn't see many people nor get to visit and any of you that know me know that I HAVE to visit! Well that's a good post for now but I wish you all a GREAT New Year to come with happiness, laughter and MANY blessings!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The FOUR of us lol

Well I haven't posted in FOREVER....our family is doing GREAT we live in Cedar now instead of Kanarra. My kids are getting SOOOO big Bayti is now in 2nd grade and Kye in Kindergarten. They both go to Three Peaks Elementary and they are liking it there. Bayti is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the new school and misses East Elem a lot but I'm sure after awhile meeting new friends she will like it just as well.....I hope :-/

Well with just getting over the Halloween holiday.....which did it seem like it was kinda drug out this year for anyone else?? It was a good thing for the kids but for mom it was new day face painting AGAIN lol and costumes..."mommy do I look good" lol don't you just love kids and the innocent things that they worry about. Hmmm it would be nice to be that carefree :-)

Now Thanksgiving is coming up and I am excited for this one especially because last year I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital after one of my 13 brain surgeries...YUCK I do not suggest it for anyone hahaha. I have recently got the internet back after like a year and let me tell you I will NEVER take advantage of having the internet at my fingertips...literally. So anyway I am new to Face Book and sadly have to admit addicted UGH good thing is that I am posting one thing daily that I am thankful for, an idea of someone else's so please don't give me the credit but I'm loving it.

I'm still not Blogger savvy so you will all have to be patient with me while I try to figure this out AND make it cute. So I'm going to try to post some new pictures and maybe even a new round of applause yet let's see if I can do it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Single parenting

Okay so my last post said I was getting the hang of the whole single mom thing.....okay all I can say is it must have been a REALLY good day! Because at this second I am so in need of a break, now I know why God made it mandatory to have 2 people to conceive a child! You know it's kinda sad that I was going to say man and woman but this day in age it isn't like that anymore what is going to come next?!?!?!

Okay different topic that is a little more upbeat. I sooo want to do this blog thing but I have having some SERIOUS struggles hahaha I want to update my page with a cuter layout and post my friends on the side like the rest of you normal people do and some other cute stuff but I think I need someone to sit next to me and walk me through it, yes I am serious!

Well Bayti started 1st grade on Aug. 14th and she has Mrs. Wininger which she already knows too well considering that Mrs. Wininger's daughter Morgan has babysat Bayti and Kye for years. My biggest worry with Bayti was that she would call her teacher Mary but she made the transition really well as a matter of fact since she got Mrs. Wininger for a teacher that is the only thing she has called her is Mrs. Wininger; sigh of relief for me! The first couple of days were a little overwhelming for Bayti, she didn't say they were I could just tell by her tears from EVERY little thing! dramatic!!! She is doing fine now though and getting so big every day!
Kye started school on Aug. 25th. I was soooo worried about him going to school because like I said before he is very say the least. But his teacher Mrs. Jordan assured me that Kye is a VERY good student in school, one of the best in the class; HUGE sigh of relief!!!
I really thought I would have sooo much time with both of the kids being in school, I had plans to do sooo much! But having to drive Kye in and pick him up seems like it takes the whole day, it doesn't help that I live in Kanarra.

Well hopefully I will have new posts more often but I can't promise anything hahaha So I hope it was worth your minute to stop and read! Have a good one!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's try this again

Okay so I'm trying to do this blog thing but I have to say I'm not too good at it hahahahaha. The picture I put on was supposed to be of Kye on his bike moving out but as you can see it didn't quite work out so lets see if I can even do this.

Well my 4th of July was AWESOME it was me and the kids, our first holiday just the three of us, I'm really getting the hang of this single parenting stuff and I have to say I actually like it!!

I'm supposed to be going to St. George to get some hair color but I'm such a procrastinator that I haven't even got in the shower, uh yeah it's like 12:38 hahaha
Oh well the kids are having a good time watching a movie and besides that I don't know who to call to babysit. So my friend Bonnie who has WAY too much talent has a WAY cute blog and I totally feel like mine is generic! So help me Bon!!! Because I don't know how to do this stuff!

I hope all of your summer is going well, mine has been good, lazy and kicked back but good. I'm trying to plan a BBQ for my b-day, yes you read it right I'm having my own bbq for my b-day..... hey somebody has to do it! And who better? I know it will be fun at least HAhahaha. Some volleyball, friends, kids.....maybe couldn't be better right! The summer is FLYING by. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and they already have the school supplies out! CRAZY!!! Bayti is going to be in 1st grade and Kye is going to be in Head Start I am soooo excited for both of them! And I pray Kye does well in school he is the typical rowdy boy ya know. Speaking of Kye I need to sign off so I can get him laying down for his nap, the little stinker I've told him to lay down like 6 times! Well I'll write more later hope you enjoy my random thoughts. Love much,Dayna